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Maximize Natural Light in Your NW Valley Home

Ron Palmer

I have lived in the northwest valley for over 20 years and love it here! Even the summers- well, most of it! I graduated from the University of N...

I have lived in the northwest valley for over 20 years and love it here! Even the summers- well, most of it! I graduated from the University of N...

Mar 25 1 minutes read

In the Northwest Valley, particularly around areas like Glendale, infusing our homes with sunlight is not just about aesthetics—it's a way to enhance our mood and energy, leveraging the abundance of sunny days we enjoy. Whether you're getting your property market-ready or simply craving a home that’s more vibrant and welcoming, we’ve tailored several tips specifically for our local real estate market to help you maximize natural light. Join us as we journey through both smart tweaks and thoughtful home improvements that are sure to bring a new level of brightness to your spaces.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One of the easiest and most potent tactics to amplify natural light in your Glendale home involves the strategic placement of mirrors. Positioning mirrors opposite windows not only doubles the sunlight streaming into a room but also offers a reflection of the outdoor landscapes, adding depth. In the Northwest Valley, where the vistas can include breathtaking desert landscapes, this approach allows you to embrace the outside beauty from any angle.

Clean Those Windows

Though it may sound fundamental, ensuring your windows are pristine is vital for maximizing natural daylight. Dirt and grime can significantly hinder sunlight, so regular washing both inside and out is essential. For homes in our region, where dust from the surrounding desert can accumulate quickly, more frequent cleaning can make a tremendous difference in the brightness of your home.

Trim the Hedges

The unique desert landscaping popular in the Northwest Valley plays a pivotal role in the light your home receives. Overgrown native trees and shrubs, such as the Palo Verde or Mesquite, can block significant amounts of light if not properly maintained. Regular trimming ensures that your home remains a beacon of light, reflecting the natural beauty of our desert surroundings while embracing maximum brightness.

Choose Light, Reflective Colors

The interior palette of your home can greatly influence how it reflects and absorbs light. In the Northwest Valley, where the sunlight is more intense, selecting light, reflective colors can greatly enhance the luminosity of your space. Opt for hues reminiscent of the desert’s softer side—whites, creams, and pastels—to create interiors that feel both expansive and well-lit.

Install Larger Windows or Skylights

For those prepared to invest in a more substantial transformation, enlarging your home's windows or adding skylights can be revolutionary. Due to the ample sunlight our area receives, larger windows or strategically placed skylights can significantly increase your home's natural light, connecting you more deeply with the Northwest Valley's scenic outdoors. Though this change requires a greater commitment, the result is a stunning, light-filled living space that highlights the beauty of our local environment.

Use Sheer Window Treatments

The intense sun in Glendale and the surrounding areas calls for a careful balance between allowing light in and maintaining privacy. Heavy, dark curtains can be counterproductive, swallowing up precious sunlight. Opting for sheer window treatments can solve this dilemma, offering privacy without sacrificing the warm, bright feel that makes a home truly inviting.

Add Glass Doors

Replacing solid doors with glass alternatives can have a remarkable impact on your home’s natural light, particularly in entryways or transitions to outdoor spaces. French or sliding glass doors not only enhance the flow of light but also serve to visually expand your living areas, creating an enticing indoor-outdoor ambiance that is perfect for our local lifestyle.


Bringing more natural light into your home within the Northwest Valley doesn't have to be complicated. By adopting these tips, which range from simple decorative adjustments to more impactful architectural renovations, you can lighten up your living spaces significantly. Your home in areas like Glendale will not only become more aesthetically pleasing but also a healthier and happier place to live, thanks to the benefits of increased daylight. Embrace these strategies to make the most of our sunny climate and illuminate your home in ways you might never have imagined.

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